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MAGPUL - 30/5 PMAG Gen M3, Black, 'Pinned' to 5 Rounds

Price: $24.99

SIG Sauer - P226, 9mm, 10 Round Magazine

Price: $59.99

Questar's 10 Round LAR-15 Pistol Magazine, 7.62 x 39

Price: $26.99

SIG Sauer - P226, 357SIG/40SW, 10 Round Magazine

Price: $59.99

Rock River Arms - Tactical CAR Stock Wrench.

Price: $12.95

MAGPUL - ASAP (Ambi Sling Attachment Point)

Price: $39.99


Price: $25.99

ASC Engraved LAR-15 Pistol Magazine: 9mm, SS, 10 rnd capacity, Anti-tilt Follower

Price: $29.99


We accept Four forms of payment... 



EMT (Email Money Transfer...


This has become a very popular method of payment.  Available through all of the major Canadian Charter Banks EMT allows you to securely and safely send money by email.  It's fast, simple and the cost is around $1.50 per transfer.  For more info click here



VISA or MasterCard...

We are an authorized Merchant for both VISA and MasterCard. 


We will not process your order if you are using a Third Party Credit Card. We will NOT accept payment on a credit card that does not belong to the person who placed the order as we have not received permission from the actual card holder.



Bank Draft or Money Order...

For those who prefer, payments may be made by Bank Draft or Money Order and sent to us by snail mail or courier.


We Can NOT accept VISA Debit Cards at the momment...


We are working on resolving this issue and will post any updates


Financing through Tactical Capital Corp.....


If financing is selected as a payment method your order with the selected items will be held for 5 business days while your financing application is processed.


Once the form has been completed and submitted to Tactical Capital your application will be reviewed.


Tactical Capital will advise us if your application has been approved. If the application is approved your order will then be processed per our standard policies.


If your application is not approved we will contact you via email to inform you and give you the opportunity to pay via other means. If no response is received within 72 hours, your order will be closed and the item(s) returned to our inventory and shown as in stock on our website.


If you have selected our 3rd Party Import Service financing is not available.


For additional information about financing please visit Tactical Capital Corp.