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MAGPUL - 30/5 PMAG Gen M3, Black, 'Pinned' to 5 Rounds

Price: $24.99

SIG Sauer - P226, 9mm, 10 Round Magazine

Price: $59.99

Questar's 10 Round LAR-15 Pistol Magazine, 7.62 x 39

Price: $26.99

SIG Sauer - P226, 357SIG/40SW, 10 Round Magazine

Price: $59.99

Rock River Arms - Tactical CAR Stock Wrench.

Price: $12.95

MAGPUL - ASAP (Ambi Sling Attachment Point)

Price: $39.99


Price: $25.99

ASC Engraved LAR-15 Pistol Magazine: 9mm, SS, 10 rnd capacity, Anti-tilt Follower

Price: $29.99


Shipping Costs

Questar International utilizes Canada Post to ship customer orders. We have tried other carriers and frankly they all have "issues". We believe that in spite of occasional "problems" Canada Post offers the best over-all shipping service.


Questar utilizes Canada Post "Expedited Parcel" for its' shipments... Signature Required; "No Safe Drop" Allowed; No Insurance Coverage.


New $9.99 Flat Rate Shipping:

  • No minimum order size
  • Large box... Small box... Even multi-box orders
  • Pay one Flat Rate price to ship your order... just $9.99

This offer applies to "On-line" Retail Orders only!

Dealer Orders; 3rd Party Purchase Imports; discounted orders; special orders; orders placed by email, fax, phone or otherwise, do not qualify. 

Orders that contain both "in-stock" and out-of-stock or custom order items will be charged flat rate $9.99 for all instock items that ship immediately... and a second $9.99 for any/all backorder items (even if more than 2 shipments are needed to fill your order you'll only be charged a maximum of 2 x $9.99 for shipping).


You have the option to DECLINE or ACCEPT insurance coverage on the shipment of your order. The cost for this insurance coverage is $2.25 per $100.00 value.  We do NOT insure shipments for more than $5,000.00 value.

If you choose to DECLINE insurance coverage then you assume all liability and risk for loss and/or damage, howsoever caused, during transport.  Questar International's responsibility ends once your package is picked up at our premises by the carrier (Canada Post).  We will not be responsible for loss or damage if you DECLINE insurance coverage. 

Order Changes: 

Once you submit your order it is final... any request to change or add to the order will result in a $25.00 Change Order Fee...  You are better to place a new order than add to an existing one.

Shipping Notes

Firearms Must Ship...
Canada Post has confirmed that we can once again ship "Restricted" and "Non-Restricted" firearms via "Expedited Parcel - Proof of Age and Signature Required" service. This new policy became effective as of March 22, 2008. 


Shipment Tracking...
Canada Post sends email notifications and tracking numbers for all of the shipments we send out.  Please be aware that their on-line tracking is NOT real time and often reflects data that is 24 hours old.  Further, if a parcel is shown as being "late" Canada Post will not accept a "Track & Trace" request until a package is a MINIMUM of 5 Buiness Days past the expected delivery date shown in their Service Standard.  This is because over 99% of all packages will show up withint that 5 day window... so they won't waste time tracking packages that are simply "late".  Before notifying Questar that your package is "late" or "missing" please wait the required 5 business days past the Service Standard delivery date before asking us to initiate a Track & Trace request.


Late Delivery...
Canada Post has what they call a "Service Standard Guarantee". In essence they will give a date by which they will deliver a package and if they fail to meet that date then they will offer a "refund". There are a few "catches" to this offer.

First, Canada Post will not allow the receiver to file the refund claim... they require the shipper to make the claim and Canada Post knows that it costs money (time) to make these claims so we are unlikely to make them. Second, they make it time consuming to file the claims... again knowing that this reduces the likelihood of claims being filed. Lastly, even when a claim is filed and paid, they only refund the "shipping" portion of the charges... this does not include the insurance, taxes, fuel surcharge, etc..

If you have a shipment that has arrived a day late and you want to apply for the Canada Post refund then we will do this for you, HOWEVER, there will be a charge to cover our time and costs... a fee of $20 will be deducted from whatever amount is received back from Canada Post on your refund request.