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Questar's 10 Round LAR-15 Pistol Magazine, .223/5.56 

Price: $25.49

MAGPUL - 30/5 PMAG Gen M3, Black, 'Pinned' to 5 Rounds

Price: $24.99

MAGPUL - PMAG 30/5 AR/M4 Gen M2 MOE- Black, 'Pinned' to 5 Rounds

Price: $21.99

10 Pak of Questar's 10 Round LAR-15 Pistol Magazines (10 mags total)

Price: $239.99

Questar's 10 Round LAR-15 Pistol Magazine, 7.62 x 39

Price: $26.99

SIG Sauer - P226, 357SIG/40SW, 10 Round Magazine

Price: $59.99

Glock 17/34 Magazine (10 Round)

Price: $39.00

Rock River Arms - Tactical CAR Stock Wrench.

Price: $12.95



Questar - Gift Certificate $25.00

Product Code:GC-25

Stock 97


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Questar Gift Certificates...

You can now purchase on-line gift certificates for friends and family. The recipient must be registered with our on-line store. When purchasing the certificate we apply a credit to his/her account for the amount of the gift certificate.

*** Note... The credit can only be applied to registered users

Once we receive your order and confirm the recipientís information, we then will process your order and apply the credit. When recipient chooses to use their gift certificate, they simply indicate in the comment section, (at checkout) that they have a credit on file.

*** Note... Our online system adds the tax to your purchase, however we will remove it at final billing

Directions for purchasing...

  • Choose the quantity of gift certificates you would like to purchase.
  • Proceed to checkout.
  • In comments section of checkout add gift recipients name and address.
    If no name and address is entered we cannot apply the recipient with the credit.