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SIG Sauer - Gun Lubricant (1/2oz Bottle)


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The 1/2 oz. bottle of MILITEC-1 Metal Conditioner and Weapons Lubricant is ideal for transport in range bags or field tool sets. The cap seals tightly to prevent leakage and the user can dispense the MILITEC-1 in small quantities using the integral eyedropper tip. Such little MILITEC-1 is required to lubricate weapons that even the 1 oz. bottle will service dozens of different pistols/AR's at dozens of different range trips.

Benefits of MILITEC-1:

  • Helps prevent jamming
  • Reduces bore wear
  • Provides excellent rust protection
  • Reduces corrosion, carbon and lead build-up
  • Remains on the metal even after repeated firing - - a minimum of 1,000 rounds
  • Is highly concentrated and long-lasting. One ounce of MILITEC-1 surpasses eight ounces of CLP-type lubricants
  • Prevents material build-up since the metal remains constantly lubricated and protected which helps shield against fouling cementing to the metal
  • Makes gun cleaning easier after treatment since the conditioning results in a 90% friction reduction to the impregnated, constantly-lubricated moving metal parts and does not allow the fouling to cement to the metal surfaces as easily. In working and passive metal parts of the weapon, cleaning time is reduced by more than 50%.
    Once treated, MILITEC-1 is the only product required for the maintenance and operation of pistols and AR's.